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Monday, 24 June 2019

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iGaming Directory


iGaming Directory iGaming Directory is a comprehensive website analysis tool and utility, providing comprehensive data on all sites that operate in the iGaming Space. Owned and operated by Michael Corfman’s Casino City Press. iGaming Directory provides the user with detailed traffic information on all iGaming Sites. Featuring operators, software companies



Wordfence – WordPress Security Plugin The Wordfence Security Plugin for WordPress powered websites is a must have plugin. Online Casino Reviewer has been using Wordfence since we migrated the site over to WordPress back in 2013. We actually subscribe and pay for the premium version of Wordfence, such is it’s

Link Research Tools


Link Research Tools Link Research Tools is the end product from renowned SEO Christopher Cemper and is also the most expensive webmaster tool which we feature on Online Casino Reviewer. But in our opinion is worth every penny or cent spent on it. We have first hand experience seeing that

Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools If you have just only spent two minutes reading up on SEO and are a complete novice when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, you must, in that two minute period have heard of Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Tools or WMT as it is

Google Analytics


Google Analytics Whilst there is available other web site statistics software available which you can install on your site, all webmasters should take advantage of Google Analytics, which is provided for free by the search engine giant. Used in conjunction with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics can and does provide

Majestic SEO


Majestic SEO – Taking Link Analysis to the Next Level Everyone who runs a web site should already know, that to enable it to rank within search engines such as Google, that backlinks and links to pages within your site are of paramount importance. The tricky bit, is understanding what

Casinomeister Webmaster Forums


Casinomeister Webmaster Forums Not only is Casinomeister a leading player advocate, operating a forum community for players, but the forums on the site also affords a space for webmasters. As arguably the most active casino forum community on the internet, everyone who is anyone in iGaming frequents the forums on



Ahrefs – Competitor Research, Backlink Analysis and SEO Tools Now if you can only afford to subscribe to one such SEO Software Suite, then you should seriously consider Ahrefs. Like SEMrush, Ahrefs provides you with an all in one solution for your search engine optimisation needs and requirements. Not only



WebCEO – SEO Software Tools and Keyword Ranking WebCEO is another browser based suite of SEO Software Tools similar to SEMrush, which we at Online Casino Reviewer have used extensively. Established in 2001, WebCEO has been around pretty much forever and has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading



SEMrush – SEO, Competitors Research, Site Audit and Link Analysis SEMrush is one of several browser based tools which provides you with a wealth of information not only on how your site is performing ‘seo’ wise, but also your competitors. Indeed, this is our go to seo utility when it

Tools and Utilities for Webmasters


Tools and Utilities for Webmasters Welcome to Online Casino Reviewer’s dedicated space for ‘Tools and Utilities’ which we feel are an asset and major string to the bow for webmasters. On these pages you will find software and tools which can be used to help rank your site organically within



GPWA – Gambling Portal Webmasters Association The GPWA is the oldest dedicated forum for casino and iGaming Affiliates. Enabling webmasters the ability to discuss the latest programs and news concerning the industry. Now owned by Michael Corfman’s Casino City Group, who acquired the GPWA back in 2006, the GPWA is

Webmaster Forums


Webmaster Forums Since Online Casino Reviewer no longer has a forum, which was discontinued and sent to the ether in the sky several years ago, we have decided to provide webmasters with the next best thing. Therefore on this page, OCR provides our webmaster visitors with an overview and links

Must Have SEO Tools for Casino Webmasters


Casino Affiliates and Webmasters – Must Have SEO Tools One aspect of Online Casino Reviewer which I have been meaning to expand for sometime is the our casino affiliate resource for webmasters. Whilst my fellow webmasters operating in the iGaming industry are my competitors as it were, the internet is all about

Reducing Wind Noise in Videos


Reducing Wind Noise in Videos Since I started the Online Casino Reviewer YouTube Channel back in March 2016, many of the videos I have recorded have been in an outdoors setting. Apart from offering me the opportunity to escape the monotony of the office environment, it allows me to try and

iGaming Marketing and the ICO


iGaming Marketing – The ICO and PECR During November 2016, hundreds of UK based Casino Webmasters and iGaming Affiliates received a 6 page letter in the post from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. With the ICO alleging that the recipients of the letters sent out were partaking in the sending

HTTPS and Google Serps


The purpose of this page is to document in the form of a video diary series, what happened to Online Casino Reviewer’s Google Search Engine exposure after we installed an SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificate. The purpose of an SSL Certificate is to encrypt all data sent from

Video Tips for Webmasters


In conjunction with the Online Casino Reviewer YouTube Channel which was launched at the beginning of March 2016, we have also put a resource together within the channel for webmasters. Areas that we hope to cover, include reviews of affiliate casino programs, the good and the bad. Web Hosting, Content

iGaming Webmasters Resource


iGaming Webmasters Resource Are you interested in making additional revenue from your own website? If so, then why not try advertising some of the best online casinos and poker rooms on the internet? I have put together this iGaming Webmasters resource, to help new and existing casino affiliates. If you