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Saturday, 18 November 2017

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Online Casino Suite


Online Casino Suite Online Casino Suite is a casino portal which is well worth a look and read of, should you get a few spare minutes. Having been around for some ten plus years, having first appeared back in 2006. Online Casino Suite provides it’s visitors with a whole range

New Casinos and Casino Portals


New Casinos and Casino Portals So summer is well and truly here at Online Casino Reviewer and this video blog sees me back out on location at Nunney Castle where I discuss the latest additions to OCR. At long last we have an addition to the US Casinos which we

The Pogg


The Pogg – Players Online Gambling Guide The Pogg or the Players Online Gambling Guide ( I believe this is what it stands for! ) is a comprehensive site and guide covering all aspects of online casinos for players.  A relatively new casino portal having been registered and created in



GoneGambling – Online Casino and Gambling Portal GoneGambling is another casino portal which has been in existence since the late 1990’s and continues to provides players with great fun, entertainment and iGaming news. Like the Casinomeister portal, GoneGambling is one of the first proper casino portals and continues to go

AZ Online Casinos – Casino Comparisons


AZ of Online Casinos – Casino Comparisons Database AZ of Online Casinos is a casino comparisons site and in short provides visitors with access to an extensive database of online casino properties, allowing you to compare their features, information and bonus offers. AZ of Online Casinos is one of a



Casinomeister – Player Advocate Casinomeister has been online since 1998, that is two years longer than Dave Sawyer from OCR has been working in the iGaming industry and some 6 years before Online Casino Reviewer came into being. Dave from Online Casino Reviewer is also an administrator on the Casinomeister Forum

Casino Portals


Casino Portals – OCR’s Recommended Casino Portals On this page we provide you with links to reviews of in our view the best casino portals around. Each and every OCR recommended casino portal listed below, provides a wealth of information for players. Many of the casino portals listed are also