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Monday, 24 June 2019

GPWA – Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

GPWA - Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

The GPWA is the oldest dedicated forum for casino and iGaming Affiliates. Enabling webmasters the ability to discuss the latest programs and news concerning the industry.

Now owned by Michael Corfman’s Casino City Group, who acquired the GPWA back in 2006, the GPWA is arguably the most active iGaming Affiliate Forum.

The GPWA allows affiliates to converse with numerous programs and operates a sponsorship system, thus enabling affiliate programs to promote their brands to GPWA members.

Unlike Affiliate Guard Dog, the GPWA pretty much allows any affiliate program to take up sponsorship. There are currently three levels of sponsorship for affiliate programs to choose from. These are Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Each level of sponsorship affords the affiliate program a dedicated forum for them to utilise. Allowing them to showcase their latest promotions and also answer queries from any of their affiliates.

Word of warning though for new affiliates. Do not decide to work with every affiliate program that is listed on the GPWA. Several of the programs who take up sponsorship are actually blacklisted here on Online Casino Reviewer and for good reason.

Public Forums

The public forums available to view include dedicated forums for each of the sponsored GPWA Affiliate Programs. Other areas of interest include, Industry News, a dedicated forum for Affiliate Guard Dog and also the APCW ( which is a sister site and part of the Casino City network of sites ).

In addition there are forums concerning the latest development in search engine optimisation, events and conferences and fun diversions. These forums alone, mean that it is worthwhile for webmasters at the very least frequenting the GPWA on a regular basis.

GPWA Private Membership

In addition to the above, webmasters can choose to apply for private membership of the GPWA. Each application for private membership is voted on by current private members of the association.

ThereĀ  is an entry level criteria for all would be prospective private members. This includes but is not limited to ensuring plagiarism of content is not allowed on any of the sites which make up an applicants portfolio of websites.

By attaining Private Membership, you gain access the ‘Private Forums’ which are only viewable by GPWA Private Members.

These like the public forums, cover everything from discussions on affiliate programs, search engine optimisation and information concerning regulation in a variety of territories.

GPWA Seal of Approval Program

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association operates a ‘Seal of Approval Program’ which GPWA members can put forward their site or sites to be considered.

By being awarded a GPWA Seal, the site awarded is allowed to display said seal on any page. The seal links back to a page on the GPWA, detailing the criteria needed to be awarded the seal and a link to the GPWA members profile page.

GPWA Times

As well as an online presence, the GPWA also produce a magazine publication in the form of the GPWA Times. This is also available to be viewed on the GPWA Website. The GPWA Times includes interviews with Affiliate Managers and also affiliate members of the GPWA Forum. Certainly well worth a read.

You can access the GPWA here.