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Casinomeister Webmaster Forums

Casinomeister Webmaster Forums
Casinomeister Webmaster Forums

Not only is Casinomeister a leading player advocate, operating a forum community for players, but the forums on the site also affords a space for webmasters.

As arguably the most active casino forum community on the internet, everyone who is anyone in iGaming frequents the forums on Casinomeister to get an up to date pulse as to where the iGaming Industry is at.

As a result many casino affiliates are either members of the community or at least read the threads and posts created  there every day.

In total there are five dedicated forums concerning webmaster issues. These range from forums dealing with Design and SEO, Content Thieves to issues with Casino Affiliate Programs.

Care About Your Players? You Need to Sign up to Casinomeister

Even though I had worked for an operator in the form of Ladbrokes from 2000 – 2005 out in Gibraltar where their iGaming operations were based. When I started Online Casino Reviewer in 2004, not only did I frequent and join sites such as the GPWA, but I also joined up at Casinomeister. Why, you ask?

Well quite simply, I wanted to ensure that the information I provided to my visitors and the online casinos I worked with and promoted, were of a high standard.

Over time Casinomeister has evolved to the extent that it now offers these dedicated forums for webmasters. Now, whilst these webmaster forums are not as active as say the GPWA, nonetheless the information provided within them is as good if not better.

This is down to the fact that some of the ‘sharpest’ webmasters within the iGaming Community are members of Casinomeister.

Yes, sites such as Affiliate Guard Dog are dedicated wholly towards site owners and the monitoring of terms and conditions of Affiliate Programs. Casinomeister however, is the place to be to find out first hand if any of the casinos, which make up those programs are treating players badly.

In short, if you care about players, then you should at the very least stop on by the Casinomeister Forums daily.

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