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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Affiliate Guard Dog

Affiliate Guard Dog

Affiliate Guard Dog

For any existing casino affiliate or an individual looking into becoming a casino affiliate, then you need to visit and bookmark the Affiliate Guard Dog website.

Unlike several other forums which profess to have iGaming affiliates’ interests as their core objective, Affiliate Guard Dog or AGD actually does.

Continually monitoring the terms and conditions of all gaming affiliate programs, Affiliate Guard Dog does not hesitate in highlighting any predatory changes made by the programs, which adversely affect the revenue and the bottom line made by their affiliate partners.

A respected authority in the iGaming sector, Affiliate Guard Dog’s work has ensured that many programs that have turned south have reconsidered predatory changes made to their terms and conditions.

As a rule OCR will not work with any program that is deemed rogue by Affiliate Guard Dog. The majority of the blacklisted casino affiliate programs listed here on OCR are also deemed Rogue or Predatory on AGD. If you are a webmaster in this sector, AGD is an invaluable resource, fighting for the rights of affiliates.

Acquisition by Latest Casino Bonuses

At the end of September 2017, Affiliate Guard Dog was acquired by the team behind the casino portal Latest Casino Bonuses. Andy the founder of AGD feeling he had taken the site as far as he could after over 10 years or so at the helm.

We at Online Casino Reviewer are cautiously optimistic that Affiliate Guard Dog will continue to be a force for good for casino affiliates. Especially considering that the guys and gals at Latest Casino Bonuses have been at the forefront in unmasking those rogue casinos which pirate games from some of leading casino software companies.

AGD – Protecting the Rights of iGaming Affiliates

The AGD Casino Affiliate Program site ensures that webmasters are warned of any changes to the terms and conditions of all affiliate programs working within the gaming industry. Affiliate Guard Dog puts the interests of affiliates first, which is very rare nowadays in this cut throat sector.

In addition, Affiliate Guard Dog also provides a forum platform for affiliates to discuss anything related to the industry. If you are not already a member, you should join the AGD Forum now. In a largely unregulated industry and having to implicitly trust the programs you work with, AGD is the only fail safe that webmasters currently have.