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Wednesday, 20 March 2019
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Video Tips for WebmastersIn conjunction with the Online Casino Reviewer YouTube Channel which was launched at the beginning of March 2016, we have also put a resource together within the channel for webmasters.

Areas that we hope to cover, include reviews of affiliate casino programs, the good and the bad. Web Hosting, Content Management Systems, and the small issue of organic search.

This area of Online Casino Reviewer is a resource which will also complement our dedicated Online Casino Tips Sections that we have in place for players.

Hopefully you will find the videos of use and they in turn will help you develop your own sites and become a better webmaster.

HTTPS and Google Serps

HTTPS and Google SerpsThe purpose of this page is to document in the form of a video diary series, what happened to Online Casino Reviewer’s Google Search Engine exposure after we installed an SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) certificate.

The purpose of an SSL Certificate is to encrypt all data sent from the website to the visitor and vice versa. It is a form of good practice, regardless whether you process financial transaction or accept user entered data.

To this extent back in 2014, Google announced that they will add weight to a site’s authority and subsequent position within their search results to all sites that employ SSL and serve their pages via the HTTPS protocal.

On the 8th March 2016, Online Casino Reviewer set up SSL throughout the entire website, meaning all pages are now served via the HTTPS Protocol using port 443.

HTTPS and Google Serps

iGaming Marketing – The ICO and PERC

Tom Galanis

During November 2016, hundreds of UK based Casino Webmasters and iGaming Affiliates received a 6 page letter in the post from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

With the ICO alleging that the recipients of the letters sent out were partaking in the sending out of unsolicited emails and sms text messages.

It transpires that the ICO obtained the list of addresses from Income Access who provide affiliate software and affiliate marketing services for iGaming companies.

However, the ICO have not ascertained whether those affiliates of which they were provided the details of, have actually taking part in the actions they alleged them to have done.

I speak with Tom Galanis of Tag Media, who has over ten years experience working in the iGaming Industry, what affiliate webmasters need to be aware of and how to respond to the ICO, should they have received any communication from them.

iGaming Marketing – The ICO and PECR

Must Have SEO Tools

Must Have SEO Tools

One aspect of Online Casino Reviewer which I have been meaning to expand for sometime is the our casino affiliate resource for webmasters.

Whilst my fellow webmasters operating in the iGaming industry are my competitors as it were, the internet is all about providing information. As I like to pride OCR as a resource for players and affiliates, it is only right I readdress this area.

Indeed this is a topic I touched upon during the recording of the OCR Video Blog dated 15th May 2017, which covered Negative SEO among other topics.

Hence this page and video concerning the ‘Must Have SEO Tools. All of the tools and utilities mentioned within this page and in the video, I have personally used at some point in time. Or as is the case with SemRush I am currently still using.

Must Have SEO Tools for Casino Affiliates and Webmasters

Reducing Wind Noise in Videos

Reducing Wind Noise in Videos

I started the Online Casino Reviewer YouTube Channel back in March 2016, many of the videos I have recorded have been in an outdoors setting.

from offering me the opportunity to escape the monotony of the office environment, it allows me to try and make the videos more interesting.

there have been occasions, such as the Casinomeister Meet and my visit of the International Casino Exhibition which has also warranted me being out on location as it were.

in addition to travelling to interview the likes of Tom Galanis of Tag Media and to take the OCR YouTube Channel on a personal guided tour of the Online Casino Reviewer Rogue Pit.

Reducing Wind Noise in Videos