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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Casino Belgie – Dedicated Belgian Portal

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Online Casino Reviewer is pleased to recommend Casinos Belgie, a dedicated casino portalĀ for players based in Belgium.

The site is however in Dutch ( The official language of the Flemish Community ), but does provide players with a complete overview of all ‘LEGAL‘ online casinos for those that reside in Belgium.

Casinos Belgie provides it’s visitors with comprehensive reviews of all the casinos which are recommended on the site, including the latest promotion and bonus offers available to be had.

The site is geared for those individuals who are 21 and above. The aim of Casinos Belgie is to provide subjective and critical reviews of all casinos, sportsbooks and betting sites available in Belgium.

Online Slots

Like us at Online Casino Reviewer, Casinos Belgie also provides an abundance of slot game reviews, with many of the slot games we feature for free, also reviewed on the portal.

The site also sorts the slot reviews on the site by software, allowing you to find easily the game of your choice.

Obviously here at OCR we do not target the Benelux countries and therefore our knowledge of Flemish, Dutch and French is limited to nonexistent. But we will say from checking out Casinos Belgie thoroughly and with the aid of google translate, the content available to view is on the money.

Latest News

As with any decent casino portal, Casino Belgie also provides a regularly updated news section, covering all aspects of iGaming and land-based gaming that covers the Belgian market.

Indeed a quick glance of the current articles on display on the site at the time ( 10th Jan 2018 )of publishing this portal recommendation, shows that 7 articles have been uploaded to the site.


If you can speak Dutch and reside in Belgium, then Casino Belgie is well worth a read. Indeed if you live in any of the Benelux countries this is a resource you should have a look at.

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