iGaming and Gambling Booming in Africa

iGaming and Sports Betting are stealing a march in Africa with the pastime continuing to become more and more popular. However, there is a dark side, with the BBC reporting that the social impact on daily lives is having an adverse affect.

As a result of iGaming’s growing popularity on the continent, iGaming events organisers Clarion Events have already got a foothold there, with the inaugural ICE Africa set to open it’s doors between 24th October – 25th October 2019, in South Africa. This follows the Big Africa Supershow ( Also held in South Africa ) which takes place in March this year. The Supershow will be the sixth such time it will have been held.

Yet the BBC’s op-ed piece asks the question whether Ugandan’s in particular are becoming hooked. With reports that gambling is on the rise by phone, online and also in traditional betting shops, the Ugandan Government is becoming increasingly concerned over the social impact it is having on their citizens. Certainly operators need to ensure that high standards of which they are held to in the UK for instance, are also transferred to these new territories that they are entering into business with.

Certainly from our perspective here at OCR we have seen and heard of how Africa as a whole, is a territory that operators and affiliates should  get a foothold in.  There is after all a large untapped market, which after working in the crowded UK marketplace for years, must be the equivalent striking a new source of oil. But, whilst it is good for the industry, it is also of paramount importance that the new markets are also regulated as such.

One thing is for sure, is that Africa, along with South America and the Indian Sub Continent are going to continue to be seen as lucrative markets for iGaming companies over the next couple of years.