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Sunday, 21 April 2019
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What Are Wagering Requirements – What does Wager Mean?


Wagering Requirements | Updated 7th January 2019 – This is a term that you will no doubt have come across when playing at an online casino.  Usually used in the context of taking a casino bonus from the online casino you play at.

Whether it be a new player bonus, a particular promotion being run or a bonus as part of the casino’s loyalty programme.

Wagering Requirements are tied with these bonuses, as part of your acceptance of said bonus or comp. So what does wager actually mean then and how does it affect your casino play?

In layman terms a wagering requirement on a bonus is the total amount you are required to bet at the casino in order to be able to withdraw from the casino. Also bear in mind that many online casinos issue Phantom Bonuses.

Exception to the Wagering Requirement Rule

We updated this article concerning bonus wagering requirements at the beginning of June 2018. This is  to take into account a great new concept, employed by one of the new casinos we have recently added to the recommended online casinos here on OCR.

The casino in question is PlayOJO Casino which was recently reviewed by us at OCR and in part to their unique way in rewarding players, has scored nearly perfect marks. As such becoming our numero uno, go to online casino.

I will say though that if you are looking for a US Online Casino, you are out of luck as PlayOJO does not accept US Players. But if you are a UK player, then this concerns you and is well worth reading on.

PlayOJO does not offer players bonuses per se, instead they reward their players with perks which they call ‘kickers’. These are in the form of free spins and cash back amounts, which are rewarded based on the turnover players generated whilst playing at PlayOJO.

What is so good about this concept though is that no wagering requirements are employed. When you get your ‘kickers’ at PlayOJO you can do with them as you please. Even cashing them out straight away!

So the rest of this article does not apply when playing at the superb PlayOJO casino!

Cherry Jackpot Casino
Phantom Bonuses means the bonus amount received cannot be withdrawn and is deducted off your total balance, once you have made the necessary bets and wagers to meet the wagering requirement.

Casinos Don’t Give Away Something for Nothing

Casinos do not give away something for nothing, after all it would not make business sense to give away bonuses, that you could then just cash out and withdraw, without even placing a bet at the casino of your choice.

No, pretty much all bonuses awarded to players, even those at the highest level of VIP status have a playthrough or wagering requirement attached to them. In most, but not all and this is why you need to read the Terms and Conditions prior to accepting a bonus, the wagering required is 35 x the value of the bonus received.

On the review pages of OCR you will also be able to find those no wagering casinos, which in effect do not burden a player with wagering requirements, when receiving an incentive.

Also you need to ensure you read the Terms and Conditions to see if there are any restrictions on what games are excluded from counting towards meeting the wagering requirement of a bonus. For instance you will find many casino table games such as Blackjack not counting.

On the flip side though, if you are primarily a slots player, then you are in luck as the vast majority if not all the online slots available at a casino to play, are deemed ok and count towards the wagering requirement of any bonus accepted.

How to Wager When Accepting A Bonus

Ok, so pretty straightforward then, you know how to wager and meet the wager requirement of any bonus you accept when playing at an online casino. Not so fast! Many online casinos and we have seen this multiple times with player complaints, operate a maximum wagering level upon providing a bonus.

Basically, this means the casino will enforce a maximum bet level when players are trying to meet the playthrough to make their winnings cashable. Now this maximum bet level can be quite small ie a couple of pounds or dollars per bet.

If you reside in the US then no doubt you have found a truck load of online casinos, offering you bonuses which seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, most are in essence too good to be true. With the bonuses on offer being ‘Phantom’.

Whilst we offer a good selection of recommended US Casinos here on OCR, you may also want to take a look at the offering of US Casinos from the Wonderpunter site. They have the same ethos as us when it comes to recommending online casinos.

Also another thing to look out for is when casinos state ‘Unnatural Betting Patterns’ or the old ‘Spirit of the Bonus’ when refusing to honour a withdrawal. Basically again in layman terms, if you change and vary the amount of your bet size, then you could come unstuck.

The way I play, when I start betting at £1 or £2 a spin, then racking it right up if I have a lucky hit, whereby I have bet £20+ spin before, would fall foul of certain casino’s policies.

So again, make sure you read those terms and conditions fully before accepting a bonus. Also use google and stick to the recommended casinos here on OCR, to ensure you won’t hit the buffers, should you meet the wagering requirement and go to withdraw.

I hope the above is of use to you. Any questions just join our Facebook Page and ask away.

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A good resource based on the personal playing habits of a player can be found at This includes their take on meeting bonus wagering requirements at the online casino and casinos that they have played at. When you get a minute, the site is well worth a few minuted of your time.